Take a moment and reflect

October 18, 2016

Last night my wife and I got to meet Jen Rustemayer at the screening of the very informative and worthwhile film, Just Eat It – a food waste story at Cottonwood4Cinemas in Chilliwack. Thank you to all those that turned out to watch it. The screening was held to kick off Waste Reduction Week in Canada which runs for a week every October. This year the emphasis is again on organics and also on one of the core R’s of waste management – Reduce! That is why we signed up to the Waste Wise challenge and this blog.

For every problem there is a solution! After my initial blog titled ‘Puppy Loves Garbage’ I was half expecting an array of comments about using cloth diapers. We are a big advocate of cloth diapers. Sure it creates extra work but given the debate over disposable diapers versus reusable our preference would be to persevere with cloth. With our youngest child however, life got in the way and we chose convenience over our morals. This challenge has once again allowed us to take a moment to reflect and reassess our options. No more diapers is the answer, let’s just let him grow out of them and put up with changing sheets.

In talking to Jen after the question and answer session we got talking about family life and she enquired as to how our Waste Wise challenge was going. She also went through the zero waste challenge with Grant Baldwin in their film the Clean Bin project. Upon informing her of our zoo, her eyes bulged and she said quite shocked, “You have four animals in your house!” “Erg, yes” I replied. So we talked through pet waste solutions. My bag it and bin it option is not the greatest it seems for the planet. And so as of today I will try an alternative on the list below.