Navigating the FVRD just got easier

June 11, 2015

The Fraser Valley Regional District launched its new website on June 9, the culmination of an 18 month project and is expected to make it easier for residents and businesses to find information about the regional district. 

Victoria based web developer Atomic Crayon designed the new site, winning the contract in July, 2014.  This is the first time in seven years that the website has been updated. 

“We often heard from the public that it was difficult to find information on our old site, and it needed some technology updates,” explains FVRD Board Chair Sharon Gaetz.  “We believe this new site is not only more attractive, but puts more of a focus on usability and accessibility of information.”

In addition to a more advanced search feature, the site has been built using responsive design so that it functions well on any platform, including computers, tablets or mobile devices. By streamlining and simplifying the site, the goal is provide the community with information about FVRD services that is easy to understand. 

”Regional districts often struggle with identity. People don’t always understand the services that are provided to them, and the work that we do on their behalf,” says Gaetz. “It is my hope that this new website will be one way we can unravel that confusion, and help to better connect with the residents and businesses we serve.”

The new site is part of the FVRD’s ongoing efforts to enhance its communications and public engagement efforts. Visitors are encouraged to explore and provide their feedback on the new look. “Web sites are a work in progress,” says Gaetz. “The FVRD will continue to develop and improve on and hope that the community will share their ideas on how we can serve them.”