A growing economy

CowsAgriculture forms a significant component of the Regional District's economy, producing over one third of all provincial gross farm receipts. There are 1.4 million hectares in the FVRD; 5.4% of which is highly productive agricultural land, 1% is used for settlement purposes, and the remainder is dominated by mountainous terrain.

Current FVRD agricultural initiatives include:

Agricultural Climate Change Adaptation

The Fraser Valley Adaptation Strategies planning process was initiated by the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative to address priorities indentified through both the Climate Change Risk & Opportunity Assessment and the BC Agriculture Climate Change Action Plan (both available here).

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative (CAI) have partnered to deliver an FVRD Regional Adaptation Strategy to address climate change impact issues specific to our region. Through this planning process (a series of workshops and meetings), regionally specific local sector impacts and priorities have been identified along with a series of strategies and actions for adapting and strengthening resilience. The resulting Fraser Valley Regional Adaptation Strategy is intended to offer clear actions suited to the specifics of the local context, both with resepct to anticipated changes and local capacity and assets.

Circle Farm Tour

The FVRD is a strong supporter of the Circle Farm Tour agritourism initiative.

Audible Bird Scare Device

The Ministry of Agriculture co-funded a study of the efficacy of bird scare devices with the Fraser Valley Regional District. The study included a review of propane cannons, electronic bird call devices and hawk kites, together with control sites. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands also co-funded a study on the socio-economic impacts of propane cannons.