Member Municipalities

Small towns to big cities

When you think of the Fraser Valley, you probably think of the amazing outdoor recreation, agriculture and farmer’s markets for which we are so well known. Besides the back country, we are also home to some pretty dynamic, vibrant cities as well. Our Board includes 15 members from our six municipalities.


Henry Braun, Mayor

Henry Braun Patricia Ross 
(Vice Chair of the Board)
(604) 853-8906
Patricia Ross
Kelly Chahal
(604) 751-2864
Kelly Chahal Moe Gill Moe Gill
Dave Loewen Dave Loewen Ross Siemens Ross Siemens



Sharon Gaetz,

Sharon Gaetz

Jason Lum

(Chair of the Board)
(604) 792-9311

Jason Lum
Chuck Stam

Sam Waddington
(604) 798-1382

Sam Waddington


Harrison Hot Springs

Leo Facio, Mayor
(604) 796-2171
Leo Facio



Wilfried Vicktor, Mayor
Wilfried Vicktor



John Van Laerhoven, Mayor
John Van Laerhoven



Pam Alexis
(605) 302-2005
Pam Alexis Jim Hinds
(604) 302-0510
Jim Hinds