Animal Control

Black LabAnimal Control provides quality animal care through the Community Animal Response and Education Centre and dog licensing for Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Kent, Harrison Hot Springs and Mission. Our staff help keep communities safe for both people and animals, which is why it is important for you to keep your dog on a leash in public, pick up after your pet, hold a current dog licence and control nuisance behaviours. However, it's also important for you to be aware of health risks to dogs and people. Some diseases can be transferred from your pet to people, and some can only be transferred to or from dog to dog. Please contact your vet to learn more about how to keep your furry friend safe from disease or illness. Your vet is there to assist you with a plan that will suit you and your dog's needs.

Animal Control staff are available six days a week, Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and can assist with your questions about:

To report an animal control issue or to lodge a bylaw complaint during regular business hours, please call 1-844-495-CARE or email us .

To report an injured dog or dog attack in progress after regular business hours, please call your local police department.

The BCSPCA can be reached at 1-855-622-7722 for animals in distress or cruelty concerns.

Animal Control does not respond to nuisance wildlife calls or wildlife that has taken up residence inside of homes. These calls should be directed to your local humane wildlife control services.

3 Reasons to Keep Your Dog on a Leash

We bet your dog is friendly and well behaved. But, this isn’t true for all dogs. There are many reasons why your dog should be leashed in public. Here are a few:

  1. It keeps your dog under your control. If you keep Buddy on a leash, he’s less likely to get into trouble. He’s not going to do something he’s not supposed to, like eat garbage, drink from a puddle, or play with a skunk.
  2. Not everyone likes dogs. We know, it’s shocking. But, just because your well-trained dog, Bella, responds to commands, some people might still be afraid of her if she approaches them. Plus, you never really know how she might react to people she doesn’t know.
  3. Not every dog is friendly. You have done a great job training Max, but some dogs just aren’t at his level. If a leashed dog is suddenly confronted by Max and his welcoming personality, it may not be well received.

For these reasons, our bylaw makes it mandatory to leash your dog in public.

But your dog needs to run, play and burn off excess energy. We get that, so take Shadow to an off-leash dog park. Check the right side-bar for off-leash locations in the Fraser Valley.