Dog Licences

The FVRD manages dog licensing for Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Kent and Harrison Hot Springs.

All dogs six months or older must have a current licence.

Existing licence holders will receive a Renewal Invoice by the end of December, which provides payment instructions. To avoid a 25% late fee, please pay by February 16. Dog owners who have not previously licensed their dog must apply for a new licence.

Both new and renewal licences can be purchased online. Click the link in the right side bar to purchase a new or renewal licence online. You may also purchase a licence in person at any of these locations.

Please contact us at 1-800-528-0061 if you have any questions about the purchase process.

Licence Fees* 




Hot Springs

Dog Licence - spayed or neutered $15 $28 $20
Dog LicenceNOT spayed or neutered $70 $56 $50
Nuisance Dog $100 $100 $100
Aggressive or
Dangerous Dog
$200 $200 $200
Licence Transfer $5 $5 $5
Licence Tag Replacement $5 $5 $5

* The two primary sources of municipal funding for animal control are property taxes and dog licence fees. Each municipality determines its own funding formula, which it provides to the FVRD.