The FVRD is one of the most intensively farmed areas in Canada, generating the largest annual farm receipts of any regional district in British Columbia. Despite the rapid population growth of the region and associated developmental pressures, agriculture has continued to flourish and remains a crucial component of the regional economy.

Proximity to large markets in combination with high quality soils, favourable climate and accessible water as well as the diversity of the sector and proximity to educational and research institutions makes the Fraser Valley Regional District a centre for agricultural production and innovation today and into the future.

Although the region is home to a diverse range of large and small farms, agriculture in the region is primarily conducted in a highly sophisticated manner requiring substantial capital investment. Agriculture’s influence goes far beyond the farm gate. As a primary industry, the production of food and other agricultural products not only provides inputs to other sectors of the economy, but is also a significant consumer of goods and services. A strong agricultural economy is essential for the regional and Lower Mainland economy as a whole and efforts to protect and enhance this sector should remain a key focus of regional policy going forward.