Critical Incident Stress Management

The Upper Fraser Valley Critical Incident Stress Management (UFVCISM) team is a confidential service for firefighters and dispatchers who have experienced a critical incident in their workplace.

Traumatic injury occurs when events that firefighters and dispatchers experience which are outside the range of normal human experiences that can be markedly distressing to anyone. This will have the potential to interfere and interrupt one’s ability to function at the time of an event or even later.

Critical Incident Stress / Trauma Injury is stress from any event powerful enough to overtake the normal coping mechanisms of our fire fighters and dispatchers who are exposed to the event occurring or cumulative events over a long period of time.

This volunteer driven program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers firefighters and dispatchers the opportunity to process their experiences and responses following an incident. In some situations, UFCISM will refer employees to qualified mental health professionals to provide the appropriate intervention, or to other external resources such as WorkSafe BC or employee assistance programs.

By acknowledging and making contact via Peer to Peer Support, it is hoped the UFVCISM team will help to reduce trauma injury and stress reactions.

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Fire Departments we serve:

Agassiz Fire Department Harrison Hot Springs Fire Department

Boston Bar North Bend Volunteer Fire Department

Hemlock Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Chilliwack Fire Department

Hope Fire Department
Chilliwack River Valley Volunteer Fire Department North Fraser Volunteer Fire Department

Columbia Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Popkum Volunteer Fire Department
 Cultus Lake Volunteer Fire Department Seabird Island Fire Department
  Yale & District Volunteer Fire Department

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