Enhanced 911 - Police, Fire, Ambulance

E911 is a fully redundant, highly available, emergency telephone service that provides three digit dialing access to Police, Fire, and Ambulance.
There are two E911 answering points, one is located in Abbotsford, the other in Chilliwack. The two centres work together to ensure all E911 calls will be answered promptly at all times and particularly during times of high call volume, disaster, or communication failures. The staff are dedicated, thoroughly trained and highly motivated to deliver quality 911 service in an efficient and timely manner.

When You Dial 911

Every call made to 911 in the FVRD is received by a Primary Service Access Point (PSAP) that determines if the call requires police, fire or ambulance attention.  All fire calls are sent to our Fire Dispatch known as the Secondary Service Access Point (SSAP).  The telephone voice call is accompanied by a packet of data information containing address/location from which the call is originating as well as the telephone number.  This information is automatically received and processed by the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The CAD will map the location of the call and provides the appropriate response information based on the type of call and location. Once a call is dispatched, the CAD displays a history of past incidents associated to that address,  pre-planning information and other property information.