Road Maps

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Group has created an indexed road map for each Fraser Valley Regional District electoral area as well as for the District of Hope and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. Hardcopies of these maps, and similar products, are available for purchase from the GIS Group. Please note that these maps are provided for convenience only, using data that is believed to be accurate. User discretion is advised as some road information may have changed since creating these products. 

Electoral Area A [PDF - 353 KB]

Electoral Area B (South and District of Hope) [PDF - 471 KB]

Electoral Area B (North) [PDF - 276 KB]

Electoral Area C [PDF - 276 KB]

Electoral Area D [PDF - 616 KB]

Electoral Area E & H [PDF - 427 KB]

Electoral Area F, G & C [PDF - 618 KB]

Village of Harrison Hot Springs [PDF - 170 KB]