The Engineering and Community Services Department operates a number of water systems for communities throughout the region. A team of experienced and certified staff make weekly visits to all water systems, checking the systems and taking water samples for testing to ensure that the water remains safe and secure for our communities' needs. The department is also responsible for enforcing regulations governing water systems, providing advice on new developments, and inspecting and approving new connections.

The water system maps below show the properties in each community that are connected to a FVRD water system.

To report a water issue in your area, please call the Engineering & Community Services Department at (604)702-5000 or email engineering@fvrd.ca.

Current Projects

Hatzic Prairie Water System Upgrade

February 2019 Public Information Meeting - Presentation [PDF - 5.3 MB]

Transcript of January 11th 2017 Public Information Meeting

McConnell Creek Public Information Meeting Presentation - January 11, 2018

2014-01-22 Piteau Report - Groundwater Supply Assessment

Final Report for Miracle Valley GW Study - Piteau 04122012 (FILED)

3793-R1 PW17-1 Construction-final