Halfway There...And it's Not Too Hard

October 17, 2016

Well, here we are at the mid-point of this month’s waste reduction challenge. It has been a fascinating journey so far. Here is a photo of my garbage jar after one week:

And after two weeks:

So far so good right?

Things got a little complicated over the long weekend, however. I live in a strata complex, so I am limited to putting my organics in this little green bin until I go to work (where an organics program is already in place).

My former garbage can is now serving as my recycling bin and is quickly filling up.

This challenge has been easy at times, challenging at times, but overall it hasn’t been much of a change other than simply thinking about waste and how to #SortItOut. Is it recyclable? Is it compostable? Or is it really waste? These are the questions we have to start asking ourselves.