One month of garbage in just one jar

September 30, 2016

It's about to get real over here at the FVRD. Four of our staff members have agreed to be more "Waste Wise" this October in support of Waste Reduction Month. What does that mean? Here's the deal. All the household waste that each staff member can generate for all of October must fit in one 1.5L jar. This one, to be exact:

We don't expect it's going to be easy. While our staff are willing (no really, they volunteered for this!) they know that there will be some challenges along the way. 

Each individual's situation is unique. One lives on a country property and already has a backyard composter. One lives in a strata and will have to bring his compostibles into the office where we have green bins already in place. One fellow is doing renos in his home. And another has two little kids. And you thought packing garbage free lunches were a big deal!

We hope that this challenge will highlight how these obstacles can be overcome so that you too, can leave a lighter environmental footprint. Here's a photo of some of the team as they get ready to #SortItOut:

 We wish them luck!