Puppy Loves Garbage

October 11, 2016

As I started the Waste Wise challenge on Saturday October 1, the phrase “waste not, want not” popped into my head. At every opportunity between that Saturday and today I have questioned my buying habits, questioned whether the packaging is even needed, recyclable or compostable and above all, questioned my patience.  But that is the point of this challenge, right? To think about our actions before we place something in the garbage.

For example, I know that a diaper is not compostable. So early into my Saturday morning as my son got changed for soccer and ripped off his night protection, nightmare thoughts of me squeezing the urine scented diaper into a glass jar caused me to question why my son is still wearing diapers to bed. In convincing others to do this challenge, I realized that my family would also have to come on the journey with me. My family consists of an amazing wife, two great kids, and a very patient mother-in-law. The waste generators do not end there. On Sunday, October 2 we invited a nine week old puppy into the house to join the large adolescent dog, the moody, young cat and the 17 week old kitten. And yes, it is a madhouse.

It is safe to say that we produce a lot of waste as a household. Our challenge is to recycle all that we can, to separate our organics and dispose of anything that is truly not recyclable into the glass jar. Flash forward to the day after Thanksgiving weekend and our Waste Wise Jar looks like this:

More about how we are avoiding what goes in this tomorrow.

I would be lying if this is all the garbage we have produced so far. As a family we wanted pets, and so we have to deal with the waste. It would be a health hazard to put the ‘pet waste’ into the jar. Kitty litter and dog mess gets put out regularly to go to landfill. Any puppy accidents in the house are mopped up or placed in the toilet and flushed away. And so when the garbage gets collected tomorrow our garbage bag should be significantly reduced compared to a ''normal' week.