February, 2017

February 28, 2017

Freshet update
Staff presented the Board with an update on the expected impacts the 2017 freshet will have on the Fraser Valley. While the Lower Mainland has experienced excessive amounts of snow this season, snow pack levels are normal. Near normal temperatures are forecasted for the coming months. There is limited indication of increased seasonal flood risk, however staff will continue to review emergency response plans.

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Workshop
The FVRD will be hosting a regional outdoor recreation and tourism workshop on March 30. The workshop will bring together a diverse range of participants, including local government, First Nations, and marketing organizations to strategize on the ways the region can build upon its natural assets and strengthen and diversify the regional economy.

Building inspection extended to Harrison Hot Springs
The FVRD has been providing contracted building inspection services to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs for the past year. The Village would like to make this arrangement more permanent. The FVRD has approved a service area expansion, and the Village will continue to be responsible for land use approvals and compliance for development approvals.

Zoning bylaw for Cultus Lake Park given first reading
Since 2016, the FVRD has handled building inspection for Cultus Lake Park. To ensure permits comply with land use zoning, the FVRD gave first reading to a new zoning bylaw to replace the Cultus Lake Park Board’s Specified Area Bylaw. Next steps include a public information meeting to be held in the community prior to the official public hearing. If approved, the FVRD will establish the Cultus Lake Advisory Planning Commission. This will ensure the Cultus Lake Park Board remains actively involved in the decision making process for development matters in their community.

Updated fines for bylaw enforcement
The Board approved Bylaw No. 1415,2017 to update the fines for bylaw contraventions. These new fines will reflect values in other jurisdictions. The new bylaw and fine schedule will be posted on the FVRD
web site.

Randy Hawes named as honourary board chair for February
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of regional districts in the province of BC, Randy Hawes was named as this month’s honourary board chair. Hawes was the chair of the FVRD in 2000-2001 and is currently the mayor of Mission, BC.

Hatzic East Community Water System 
The FVRD was successful in securing $939,083 in grant funding under the New Building Canada Fund – Small Communities Fund for the construction of the Hatzic East Community Water System. The Board approved the establishment of a service area for this new amenity. Next steps will be a petition of owners within the service area for approval of loan authorization.