January, 2017

January 27, 2017

50th anniversary of the FVRD

In 2017, the FVRD is celebrating 50 years of regional districts in the Province of BC. To celebrate, each month’s meeting will honour a former chair or vice chair of past boards. This month’s honourary chair is Mr. Walter Kassian. Mr. Kassian served as chair of the Fraser-Cheam Regional District in 1978 and continues to serve as an alternate director for Electoral Area B.

Former Minter Gardens redevelopment underway

The Board gave first reading to OCP Amendment Bylaw No. 1411,2017 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1412,2017 to facilitate the redevelopment of the former Minter Gardens into a single family residential subdivision. Next steps will include public information meetings and a public hearing to be held on dates to be announced.

New volunteer firefighters appointed

Four new volunteer firefighters were appointed to the Chilliwack River Valley, Columbia Valley, and Hemlock Volunteer Fire Departments. These new recruits will now enrol in a recruit training program and acquire basic firefighting skills to become familiar with the FVRD Volunteer Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines.

Development permit approved for Aquadel Golf Course in Electoral Area H

The Board issued a development permit regarding the form and character of the overall development for 1885 Columbia Valley Road in Electoral Area H. The proposed development of the Aquadel Golf Course will include single family dwellings and a proposed clubhouse and common buildings. Riparian and geotechnical hazard protection has been included in this permit.

Hen houses approved in Electoral Area B

The Board approved a variance permit at 65099 Nickel Mine Road in Electoral Area B to reduce the required setback for agricultural structures. The proponent plans to build three hen houses to keep no more than 399 hens. The property is currently zoned AG-1. The proponent will continue to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure best practices in reducing any potential odour, noise, or pests associated with the new buildings.

Air quality workplan update

Staff presented a proposed schedule to prepare the FVRD’s Air Quality & Climate Protection Plan. Initiatives include presentations about open burning, VOC/NOX emissions, and consultation with the public, municipalities, industry, other levels of government, and First Nations.

Boston Bar live fire training facility RFP to be awarded

Staff has been authorized to proceed with awarding Container West Manufacturing Ltd. with the contract to build a live fire training facility in Boston Bar. This new facility will be a great benefit to firefighter training in the Fraser Canyon and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2017.