January, 2018

January 30, 2018

Agriculture a Key Economic Driver, Study Shows

Staff presented a report to the Board that shows significant growth in the Fraser Valley’s agricultural sector. Gross farm receipts in 2015 totaled nearly $1.5 billion, an increase of over $300 million from 2010. Agriculture in the Fraser Valley accounts for 18,000 full time jobs. The report also looks at climate change implications, including increased flood risks, precipitation and extreme events. The full report can be viewed at www.fvrd.ca/agriculture.

Lake Errock Water System Bylaw

The Board gave first, second, and third readings to three bylaws that will enable the expansion of the Lake Errock Water System and provide potable water and fire protection to residents on Bayview Road in Electoral Area C. This project will be partially funded through a recent grant of $333,450 from the Clean Water and Waste Water Fund, a program operated by Infrastructure Canada and the Province of BC. The remaining $68,000 of this project will be borrowed and will be recovered through a parcel tax.

New Fire Chief for Yale

Bruce Marshall has been appointed as the new fire chief for the Yale and District Volunteer Fire Department. Bruce has been with the department since 2010.

Redevelopment of 45900 Sleepy Hollow Road

The Board gave first reading to the Official Community Plan amendment bylaw as well as the associated zoning amendment bylaw to a redevelopment proposal for 45900 Sleepy Hollow Road in Electoral Area H. The proposed subdivision will include 35 lots with single family residential homes. This proposal will now go to Public Hearing, at a date to be determined. This project is contingent on the availability of a new community sewer system.

North Cultus Lake Sewer Petition and Referendum

The FVRD has been operating Cultus Lake Park’s two sewer systems since 2014. Since that time, the FVRD has identified the need for significant upgrades to ensure the future safety of these aging systems. Currently, neither Sunnyside Campground nor properties on Park Drive and Mountain View Road have access to these sewer systems. The proposed upgrade would enable these property owners to connect to the new system, as well as accommodate future development. Staff held a public meeting on January 18 and have initiated a petition process to include Park Drive and Mountain View Road property owners into the service area. The petition process is open until February 14. If the petition is successful, a referendum to determine funding will take place on April 14, 2018.

Renewal of Chaumox Landfill Agreement

Since 2000, the FVRD has had an agreement with the Boston Bar Landfill Society to operate the Chaumox Landfill. This agreement expired in 2015. The Board has approved a new 10 year agreement with an option to renew for a further five years.