FVRD making change with new 'Green' initiative

October 22, 2014


The Fraser Valley Regional District is walking the talk. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, the FVRD has set a goal to reduce its own garbage output by a whopping 90 per cent. In doing so, FVRD staff have had their individual garbage cans replaced with miniature compost bins, and new recycling stations have been placed throughout the Chilliwack headquarters.

"Over the past couple of years, the FVRD has been developing programs and services that are more environmentally friendly. By implementing these corporate goals and removing individual garbage cans, the FVRD is taking the green initiative to a whole new level," said Sharon Gaetz, FVRD Board Chair.

Along with this effort, the FVRD hopes to reduce fuel, natural gas, paper, electricity, and water consumption by 10 per cent.

"Staff at the FVRD are being encouraged to think more carefully about what they are throwing into the garbage. These green practices within the workplace can easily be transferred to environmental decisions at home, creating an even larger change, "said Gaetz.

The new program was launched as part of Waste Reduction Week, which is observed in Canada from October 20 – 26. Results of this new staff effort will be available in late January.