FVRD residents have their say in 2014 local government election

November 15, 2014

The Fraser Valley Regional District is pleased to announce the preliminary results for the 2014 Local General Election. In electoral areas where an election occurred, voter turnout was higher than in 2011, with the exception of Electoral Area H which was created in 2014.

Electoral Area A: Terry Raymond

Electoral Area B: Dennis Adamson (Acclaimed)

Electoral Area C: Alec Niemi

Electoral Area D: Bill Dickey (Acclaimed)

Electoral Area E: Orion Engar

Electoral Area F: Ray Boucher (Acclaimed)

Electoral Area G: Al Stobbart (Acclaimed)

Electoral Area H: Taryn Dixon

The term of office for these positions is four years, commencing December 17, 2014 where the Board will be inaugurated.

Results for School District 75-Mission (Rural School Trustee): Shelley Carter

The official election results for the 2014 Local General Election will be determined by the Chief Election Officer and will be available on November 17, 2014. Inquiries can be made to Suzanne Gresham, Chief Election Officer of the Fraser Valley Regional District at (604) 702-5032 or at sgresham@fvrd.bc.ca.