Clean Air Day in the Fraser Valley

June 3, 2015

BC Lung staff will be visiting Chilliwack Secondary School on Wednesday, Clean Air Day, to teach science students about air quality in the Fraser Valley. This initiative complements work the Fraser Valley Regional District has been undertaking to develop educational materials for students in the region about air quality topics, such as the types of air pollutants that have negative impacts, their sources, and what actions can be taken to improve air quality.

Other initiatives in the FVRD to improve air quality and visibility in the region include: hosting electric vehicle charging stations, operating a growing network of six air quality monitoring stations, improving transit options through the Fraser Valley Express bus, and implementing a strategy aimed at reducing ozone levels.

“Ensuring we have clean, clear air, is essential for quality of life for residents and visitors in the beautiful Fraser Valley. We ask all residents to do what they can to help preserve and improve air quality,” says FVRD Chair Sharon Gaetz.

Here are five ways everyone can help improve air quality in our region and contribute to Clean Air Day, today and every day:

  1. Drive less. Participate in the Commuter Challenge, this week and whenever you can, to walk,
    cycle, take transit, carpool, or telecommute to work.
  2. If you use a wood stove for heating, ensure it is EPA-certified. See the FVRD’s Wood Stove
    Exchange Program for incentives.
  3. Turn down the heat and air-conditioning, depending on the season. Layer your clothing, use open windows and fans as appropriate to reduce natural gas consumption.
  4. Use electric or push lawn mowers instead of gasoline operated models.
  5. Turn off/unplug lights, appliances and electronics when not in use.