Infrastructure funding for East Hatzic Water System

July 17, 2015

Fifty homes in Electoral Area G will benefit from improved drinking water infrastructure thanks to joint funding from the governments of Canada and British Columbia through the Small Communities Fund.

The project will provide clean, reliable municipal drinking water service and fire protection to properties near Eagle Road and Highway 7, east of Mission. The system will draw treated potable water from the existing Abbotsford-Mission supply main, which will require installing a pressure reducing valve station, approximately 10 km of water main and 50 service connections. Once completed, the system will meet all requirements of the new Drinking Water Protection Act.

Under the program, all three levels of government will contribute one third of the total project cost, approximately $469,541 each. The total project is anticipated to cost $1.4 million.

"We are very thankful to be able to provide the communities of lower Hatzic Valley, Hatzic Lake and Dewdney with a potable, safe and clean drinking water supply. The commitment by both the Government of Canada and the Province to funding this project will ensure that these communities will no longer experience challenges in accessing a safe and secure water supply," says Al Stobbart, Director for Electoral Area G.