Boston Bar Water System Upgrade

March 30, 2017

Thanks to a grant of $105,944 through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund, the Boston Bar Water System will now be upgraded.

Much of the Boston Bar water system was built in 2012, however there are still significant portions of the remaining original system that was constructed by the CN Railway in the 1960s. Through its leak detection program, FVRD operations staff identified a section of old asbestos cement (AC) watermain from the original system which leaks treated water. This upgrade will bypass the leaking section of AC watermain, allowing it to be capped and abandoned.

The project includes the design, engineering and construction of 140 m of 200mm diameter watermain; installation of one fire hydrant, and a 50mm service connection to the Boston Bar Fire Hall. Overall, this infrastructure project will ensure that the Boston Bar community has access to clean potable drinking water, reduces water consumption, and reduces overall operating expenses.