New Fire Harrison Lake East

August 21, 2017

There is currently an active fire burning in a cut block and timber area approximately 12 km northeast of Harrison Lake on the east side of the lake above the main road and is moving upslope and away from the Cascade Bay area where there are cabins located..  Crews have estimated the size of the fire at approximately 50 hectares in size.  Water tenders, helicopters and scooper air tankers have been deployed and we are asking the public to stay away from air support on the lake to assist with the safety and efficient use of air support.

It is critical for the public to continue to respect the Campfire Ban that is in place for their safety.  This area is considered hazardous and the public is requested to stay away from the firefighting response area.

No Evacuation Order or Alert has been issued at this time; however, we are encouraging the public to stay away from the area for their own safety. This fire  is considered a priority due to its location and the current recreational population in the area.

Official Ministry Safety Bulletin [PDF - 361 KB]