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  • August 21 - New Fire Harrison Lake East
    A new fire started over the weekend on the east side of Harrison Lake. No Evacuation Order or Alert has been issued at this time; however, we are encouraging the public to stay away from the area for their own safety.
  • August 12 - Air Quality Advisory Ended
    The Air Quality Advisory has been ended for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Changes in the weather pattern has moved the smoke out of the area and temperatures have cooled.
  • August 9 - Ground Level Ozone Warning Issued
    The ongoing Air Quality Advisory for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley has been updated once again to include concentrations of ground-level ozone. High levels of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) continue to persist as outflow winds transport smoke from wildfires burning in the BC Interior.
  • August 4 - Ground-Level Ozone Advisory Cancelled
    While the Air Quality Advisory for Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley continues because of high concentrations of fine particulate matter in the region, the ground-level ozone advisory has been cancelled due to cooler weather.

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