Property Development

Do you want to build on your property, modify the terrain, or use it for a purpose that isn't currently allowed in the Zoning Bylaw? A Development Application may be required, depending on the location of the property and the type of development.

Development Permit

Development Permit Areas are designated within Electoral Area Official Community Plans for a variety of purposes.

Geo-Hazard Reports in the FVRD

Do you need to provide a geo-hazard report for your development project? What does this mean and what's required? The FVRD has requirements for geo-hazard reports in order to ensure safe development and minimize risk to buildings, infrastructure and occupants. Learn more by visiting our Geo-Hazard Report section.

Development Variance Permit

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is required if your proposal does not conform to current bylaws.

Rezoning & OCP Amendment

What can I do with my property?


Can I subdivide my property?

Other Planning Applications

Temporary Use Permits, Site Specific Floodplain Exemption, Agricultural Land Reserve, Tree-Cutting


*Please note that while the FVRD is able to accomodate applications made via email, there is a size limit of 10MB.