Community Plans & Studies

What is a official community plan (OCP)?

Each Electoral Area in the Regional District has an Official Community Plan (or two!) that is a statement of the long-term vision for the future of the community, with objectives and policies which guide planning and land use management decisions. Any bylaws passed by the Regional Board, or works undertaken, must be consistent with the policies in the applicable OCP.

  • There is standard content in each OCP due to requirements of the Local Government Act, such as designated areas for residential and other land uses, and existing and proposed public infrastructure systems.
  • Typically, the OCP boundaries do not extend to very remote and unpopulated places of an Electoral Area.
  • OCPs are intended to be reviewed and updated periodically, with extensive public consultation. The most recently completed OCP for Electoral Areas "E" and "H" was adopted by the Regional Board in 2013, and the OCP for Electoral Area "D" is currently being updated. We anticipate that an update for the Electoral Area "C" OCPs will begin in 2016.

Official Community Plans By Electoral Area

You can read the OCPs for your Electoral Area by clicking on the links below. If you are unsure which OCP applies to your community, you can use the Regional Information Map or ask the Planning Department using the information on the right side of this page.


Planning Studies

The Planning & Development Department leads specific study projects on issues such as heritage conservation, local area planning, demographic changes, and hazard area  management. These studies provide a basis for policies. For information on projects underway, please visit the Plans in Progress page. Below are links to some of the recently completed Planning & Development projects.

  • Age Friendly Rural Communities Gap Analysis