North Bend Debris Flow Hazard Study

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) hired Thurber Engineering to provide updated hazard mapping for the North Bend community to:

  • determine the subdivision potential of specific lands within the community in view of provincial subdivision standards relating to  geotechnical hazards; and,
  • make it easier for property owners to obtain a building permit for new construction.

The report is titled, Debris Flow Hazard Assessment Update and Conceptual Mitigation Options, North Bend, BC (Feb, 2018).  A few of the questions you may have about the 2018 Thurber report are addressed below.

  1. Is the community safe to live in?

    Many communities face geotechnical risks of one kind or another.  The 2018 Thurber Report helps us better understand the flooding and debris flow risks to North Bend and outlines how those risks can be managed and mitigated.  Nothing in the report indicates that it is unsafe for you to live in your home or operate your business. Day to day life is no different today than it was yesterday.

  2. How does the 2018 Thurber report help with building permit approvals?

    The 2018 Thurber Report will greatly reduce the need for many property owners to pay for site-specific geohazard reports for building projects. The report recommends flood protection solutions (reinforced foundations or fill pads) that many owners can use as an alternative to hiring their own professional engineer for the purpose of assessing hazards and design protection works on their property. This report will save many property owners time and money.

  3. What does the 2018 Thurber report mean for subdivision approvals?

    Provincial approving officers have authority for approving subdivisions in regional districts.  Every application for subdivision is reviewed objectively and independently. The 2018 Thurber Engineering Report has been provided to the provincial approving officer for consideration of approving future subdivisions in North Bend. The provincial approving officer may require that community protection works, such as a dike, be built before some subdivisions can be approved. Learn more about the subdivision approval process or call the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure at 604-795-8211.

  4. What do next steps look like for community members?

    FVRD would like to work with the North Bend Land Society, the Boston Bar First Nation and the community at large to explore possible grants and funding opportunities for community flood protection works such as dikes and debris basins. These works would improve community safety and help support future subdivision and development. The FVRD is prepared to meet with community members and stakeholders and is willing to help communicate with senior levels of government and others.

  5. Where can I get a copy of the 2018 Thurber Engineering report?

    Review the 2018 Thurber Engineering Report [PDF - 48 MB] on our web site. If you are unable to download this report, please give us a call toll free at 1-800-528-0061 and we will mail a copy to you.