Geo-Hazard Assurance Statement



The FVRD and APEGBC have partnered in a pilot project to create a modern and more efficient process for geo-hazard assurance and approvals. All geo-hazard reports submitted to the FVRD for approval MUST now include the FVRD-APEGBC Geo-Hazard Assurance Statement.

Our goal is to provide:

  • clear and consistent expectations
  • streamlined paperwork - one document replaces five
  • reduce the need for more information - the back and forth, additional site visits, etc.
  • ensure collaboration with other technical reports (eg. Riparian Area Assessments - RAR)
  • supplement, not replace the geo-hazard report
  • improve review and approval times

Pilot Phase - Feedback Welcome!

Know More

To get you started in preparing the FVRD-APEGBC Geo-Hazard Assurance Statement read the Guide to the FVRD-APEGBC Geo-Hazard Assurance Statement and the appropriate APEGBC Professional Practice Guidelines.  Please refer to related links in sidebar.


Other Agencies

Need help?

We encourage all technical professionals to contact the FVRD Planning Department early on to gather important background information and discuss their client's proposal.  We can provide:

  • Report scope guidance (ie. site specific or feasibility)
  • Timelines for review and approval process
  • Discuss the proposal and work through challenges

Please note that while the FVRD is able to accommodate applications via email, a 10MB size restriction applies.