Rezoning & OCP Amendment

When is a Rezoning required?

"Rezoning" is the process to change from one zoning designation to another.  A rezoning application is required when a development proposal seeks to change a zoning designation, land use or density of a site.  View our Zoning Bylaw to see what uses are allowed in each zone.

When is a Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment required?

An OCP Amendment is required to change the long term designation for a subject property.  If the zone that is not supported by the current OCP designation, an OCP amendment is required to change the land use designation. 

Application Process:

  1. Submission of Application
  2. Application Review and Staff Report
  3. Referral Process
  4. Committee and Board Review
  5. Public Notice
  6. Public Hearing, Board Review
  7. Ministry Approval (if applicable)
  8. Final Consideration & Bulaw Adoption by Board of Directors

Rezoning Application [PDF - 964 KB]
OCP Application [PDF - 333 KB]
Notification Sign Specifications [PDF - 105 KB]