Deroche Local Area Plan

Plan Update 

The Deroche Neighbourhood Plan has been cancelled. Based on the feedback received from the Deroche community, the Fraser Valley Regional District Board decided not to proceed with the implementation of a neighbourhood plan for Deroche.


Documents and Reports

*NEW September 5, 2017 - Deroche Update Letter [PDF - 408 KB]

*NEW Staff Report - July 11, 2017 [PDF - 303 KB]

Staff Report - March 14, 2017  [PDF - 367 KB]

Deroche Plan Public Comments - Part 1 [PDF - 3.3 MB]

Deroche Plan Public Comments - Part 2 [PDF - 5.8 MB]

Deroche Plan Public Comments - Part 3 [PDF - 6.6 MB]

December 7, 2016 - Deroche Update Letter

Appendix A - Layouts [PDF - 5.8 MB]

Appendix B - Water System Cost Estimate [PDF - 43 KB]

Appendix B - Water System Map [PDF - 1.8 MB]

Appendix C - Waste Water System Cost Estimate [PDF - 38 KB]

Appendix D - North Deroche Road Improvements [PDF - 381 KB]

Deroche Neighbourhood Plan - FAQ 

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Deroche Neighbourhood Plan



Deroche is a rural community of 139 residents (2006 Census) located within Electoral Area "G" approximately 15 km west of Mission. A Local Area Plan is underway for the EA "G" portion of Deroche. The Plan will be comprehensive by providing goals, policies and objectives for sustainable rural development of the area.   

History of the LAP

In 2004, the FVRD conducted a community survey which reported that the majority of Deroche residents believed the preservation of the rural landscape and environmental protection / conservation should be the central principles used to guide land use planning decisions for the Deroche neighbourhood. Additional consultation between the FVRD and Deroche residents throughout 2007 and 2008 built upon these principles by consolidating those ideas into a community vision and a series of development objectives.

The 2008 update of the FVRD Electoral Area "G" Official Community Plan (OCP) further enhanced those ideas and identified the need for a comprehensive plan for Deroche - one which implements innovative approaches to ensure that future development reflects local values and visions.

In 2010, the FVRD established and worked with an Advisory Planning Committee (APC) made up of community volunteers to help develop ideas and directives to refine the planning principles and objectives for the Deroche Local Area Plan. Through this process, the APC further established a series of planning directives which reiterated the community's support for sustainable forms of development, the need to protect the rural character of the community, and the importance of preserving quality of life for current and future Deroche residents.



The steps towards refining and implementing the Deroche Local Area Plan will include:

  • A detailed review of the Local Area Plan by FVRD staff
  • Review and discussion with key agencies; including Fraser Health and Ministry of Transportation
  • Consultation with the community
  • Review and consideration by the FVRD Regional Board
  • Adoption of the Plan as an amendment to the OCP