Electoral Area D OCP Update

The FVRD is updating the Popkum-Bridal Falls (Electoral Area "D") Official Community Plan (OCP) to create a new vision to guide the community for the next 20+ years and beyond.  The last OCP update was 16 years ago, so it's time to bring the Plan up to date, and ensure policies are relevant with current values and legislation to manage growth effectively. 

Who have we heard from?

  • Businesses
  • First Nations
  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Government Agencies

What have we heard so far?

  • More trails and parks are needed
  • Keep the quality suburban residential neighbourhood
  • Lot size is important
  • Maintain rural-country residential character
  • Consider coach-house and agri-tourism uses in the Agricultural Land Reserve
  • Review future of West Popkum Agriculture Land Reserve
  • Provide access to natural spaces - Mt.Cheam hillside and Fraser River
  • Strengthen and support Bridal Falls businesses/tourism

What's next?

  • A draft plan for public comment is expected in Winter 2018 - stay tuned for details over the coming months