Latest News

  • December 1 - FVRD Receives $9.9 Million for New Wastewater Treatment Plant
    The Fraser Valley Regional District has received $9.9 million in joint funding for a new wastewater treatment plant to protect the health of Cultus Lake.
  • November 30 - Winter Road Maintenance
    A reminder to citizens with concerns about snow plowing, potholes, icy conditions or any other winter road-related concerns that the FVRD does not have jurisdiction over roads within its boundaries and is not responsible for the maintenance and snow plowing of roads. If you have a concern about road maintenance, please contact the relevant municipality or Provincial service contractor.
  • November 25 - FVRD and FVRHD Board Elects Chair and Vice-Chair
    This year the Board re-elected Jason Lum as Board Chair and Patricia Ross as Vice-Chair. The Hospital Board re-elected Sylvia Pranger as Board Chair and Paul Horn as Acting Chair.
  • November 10 - Food Waste Survey
    You're invited to take a survey and tell us about how food waste is collected at your building.

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