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  • May 5 - COVID-19 Information
    Travel restrictions for non-essential travel in BC are in place until May 25. Fines can be given to people who leave their region for non-essential travel.
  • April 26 - Quarterly Update
    Check out the latest update to find out what's been going on at the FVRD over the past few months.
  • April 23 - Public Participation for Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel
    The FVRD is holding a Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel Hearing on May 12, 2021 to ensure the accuracy of the properties listed on the Parcel Tax Rolls. This panel is made up of Board Directors appointed to hear any complaints specified in the Community Charter.
  • April 20 - Web Map Tips and Tricks
    Watch our how-to video to learn how to use the web map to find planning information such as zoning and OCP designations, lot size, flood and hazard risks, and development permit areas.

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