The FVRD is the third most populated and one of the fastest growing regional districts in B.C. The FVRD has an estimated population of 337,000 (2021 Census) and a total land mass of 13,361 km². 

The region's population could reach half a million residents by 2050, with most of the anticipated growth expected to occur in urban areas of the region. Statistics play an important role in understanding current conditions within the region and are critical to planning for and monitoring future growth. 

Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) provides local governments with an overarching planning framework to help guide long-term regional growth and communicate regional issues to other levels of government. A monitoring program helps to inform and evaluate the progress of various indicators associated with RGS goals and policies.

Indicators within the RGS monitoring program use a wide range of data sources; however, most key indicators rely on Statistics Canada Census data. Local governments rely on Census data for essential insights into the demographic, social, and economic profiles of populations.

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