Regional Growth Strategy

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a strategic plan enabled by the Local Government Act that provides an overarching planning framework for coordinating the activities of local and provincial governments, guiding long-term regional growth. 

The high-level policy plan covers a wide range of topics including transit, housing, parks, and natural areas, economic development, and environmental issues from a regional perspective. 

Fraser Valley Future 2050

Adopted by the FVRD Board in April 2024, RGS: Fraser Valley Future 2050 builds on the strengths of the previous Regional Growth Strategy by incorporating new legislation, best practices, emerging regional concerns, and shifting priorities.

The updated RGS includes a greater emphasis on climate action, collaboration among all levels of government, and is a better reflection of the needs, contributions, and significance of the many First Nations whose territories the FVRD is located within.

The plan maintains a shared vision for the future, informed by considerable engagement with residents, member municipalities, First Nations, the Province, and neighbouring regional districts.

Our Progress

Monitoring and evaluating the progress and issues related to RGS goals and policies is an important aspect of RGS implementation.

The RGS monitoring program uses key indicators to help monitor and evaluate important regional issues. 

Read the latest RGS monitoring report or visit the RGS monitoring website to learn more.


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