The FVRD works closely with Morrow Bioscience Ltd to monitor, map  [PDF - 316 KB]and treat known breeding sites of nuisance mosquitoes.

Our program targets the most common nuisance mosquitoes found in the Fraser Valley - floodwater mosquitoes, which hatch when river levels rise during freshet. The program focusses on controlling these mosquitoes in their larval stage before they emerge from the water as adults.

Throughout the spring and summer, our field technicians actively monitor larval development across the region. When the larvae reach the right stage and density at a site, the area is treated by hand or by helicopter using a bacterial larvacide which kills the mosquitoes without affecting other creatures in the water. The FVRD does not conduct fogging or spraying for adult mosquitoes.  

As you can see in the "before" and "after" videos below, our mosquito control program quite effective. The site was monitored on June 15, 2016 and treated on June 17, 2016.