Fire Protection

The FVRD provides fire protection to many electoral area residents. Through service agreements, several of our volunteer fire departments support a number of First Nations communities. All seven of our fire departments operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on a volunteer basis through 11 fire halls.

Like all services, only those electoral areas opting to pay for fire protection services participate. Each volunteer fire department is responsible for managing their programs including training of volunteers.

 Fire Department Contact Information

Boston Bar/North Bend

Fire Chief: Crystal Pruim
Deputy Fire Chief: Stuart Pruim

Hall #1

47715 Alder Road
Boston Bar, BC  V0K 1C0

Hall #2

48904 North Bend Cres
Boston Bar, BC  V0K 1C0

Chilliwack River Valley 

Fire Chief: Mike Danyluk
Deputy Fire Chief: Colby Johnson

48685 Chilliwack Lake Road
Chilliwack, BC  V4Z 1A6

Columbia Valley

Fire Chief: Mike Soth
Acting Deputy Fire Chief: Rich Robinson

1202 Kosikar Road
Lindell Beach, BC  V2R 5B8 

Hemlock Valley 

Fire Chief: Ken Harbord 
Deputy Fire Chief: Ken Howsam

47100 Laurel Road
Hemlock Valley, BC  V0M 1A1

North Fraser 

Fire Chief: Gerard Baars
Deputy Fire Chief: Curtis Stevens

Hall #1
8840 Rowan Road 
Dewdney, BC  V0M 1H0

Hall #2
43824 Watkins Road
Lake Errock, BC  V0M 1NO

Hall #3
11980 Sylvester Road
McConnell Creek, BC  V2V 4J1


Fire Chief: Walter Roos
Deputy Fire Chief: Wes Klaassen

10570 Popkum Road
Rosedale, BC  V0X 1X0


Fire Chief: Bruce Marshall
Deputy Fire Chief: Shane Leonhardt

Hall #1

31246 Douglas Street
Yale, BC  V0K 2S0

Hall #2
28555 Trans Canada Hwy
Hope, BC  V0X 1L3