Things happen from time to time,  and members of the public may seek to make claims against a local government. 

If you intend to make a claim, notice in writing must be given to the FVRD within two months of suffering the loss. If the claim relates to property damage,  please  report the loss  to your  insurance company as soon as possible, as  the homeowner must  mitigate their own loss.

Any comments or actions by the local government in response to your complaint are strictly without prejudice. In other words, comments made to you by staff or representatives of the local government are not to be taken as an admission of liability or as confirmation of any cause of action you might have. It is important to understand that by submitting the Notice of Claim Form,  you are not waiving any of your rights. Below is an excerpt from the Local Government Act explaining why you must provide written notice of your claim within two months of suffering the loss. Please remember that your phone call or visit to the FVRD Office in Chilliwack does not constitute notice under the Act unless notice of your intention to claim is also provided in writing.

  • Immunity unless notice given to municipality after damage
  • Local Government Act Section 736 (1)  A municipality or regional district is in no case liable for damages unless notice in writing, setting out the time, place and manner in which the damage has been sustained, is delivered to the municipality or regional district, as applicable, within 2 months from the date on which the damage was sustained.

Please complete and send the Notice of Claim form to