Regional Indigenous Relations Committee

The committee represents the interests of the municipalities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Kent, Hope, Village of Harrison Hot Springs and the eight electoral areas of the Fraser Valley Regional District. A commissioner and staff person from the Cultus Lake Park Board are also appointed as observers, as are representatives from the Metro Vancouver Indigenous Relations Committee (MVIRC). Each jurisdiction represented on the FVARC may appoint two political appointees with voting rights, two alternates and a non-voting staff appointee. These appointments are for a one-year period.

Committee Members

Director Al Stobbart, Chair, Electoral Area G
Director Brenda Falk, Vice Chair, City of Abbotsford
Director Ross Siemens, City of Abbotsford (Alternate)
Director Ken Popove, City of Chilliwack
Councillor Jeff Shields, City of Chilliwack (Alternate)
Director Carol Hamilton, District of Mission
Director Pam Alexis, District of Mission (1st Alternate)
Councillor Danny Plecas, District of Mission (2nd Alternate)
Councillor Duane Post, District of Kent
Councillor Susan Spaeti, District of Kent (Alternate)
Councillor Michie Vidal, Village of Harrison Hot Springs
Councillor Gerry Palmer, Village of Harrison Hot Springs (Alternate)
Director Peter Robb, District of Hope
Councillor Dusty Smith, District of Hope (Alternate)
Director Terry Raymond, Electoral Area A
Director Taryn Dixon, Electoral Area H
Director Wendy Bales, Electoral Area C (EA Alternate)
Director Hugh Davidson, Electoral Area F (EA Alternate)
Director Dennis Adamson, Electoral Area B (EA Alternate)