1. How do I pay my utility bill (sewer, water or garbage)?

    There are a number of different options to pay your utility bill:

    1. By telephone or internet banking,
    2. Mail payments to: Fraser Valley Regional District, 45950 Cheam Avenue, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1N6
    3. Visa or Mastercard. This process of payment must be done in person at the Fraser Valley Regional District office, and has a limit of $1,000.00.
    4. Pay in person. The office is open Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays. 
    5. Drop off your cheque after hours through the Regional District office door slot.

    Posted dates cheques are acceptable. NSF cheques received will be charged a service fee of $25.00

  2. What if ownership changes and the property has a water meter?

    The Fraser Valley Regional District does not read meters when property changes hands. The law firm or notary for conveying the sale must contact the Regional District's Finance department for an estimate amount owing and make an adjustment accordingly.

  3. What if I have a water leak?

    Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their water lines and for any excess water usage. You may wish to contact our Engineering & Community Services Department at 604-702-5000 or the emergency number at 604-702-5014 or our toll free number at 1-877-799-6868.

  4. How do I change my address?

    Contact the Fraser Valley Regional District Finance department at (604) 702-5000 or toll free at 1-877-799-6868. You should also contact BC Assessment Authority on your change of address. Visit their website for a change
    of address form.

  5. How do I pay my rural property taxes?

    Rural property taxes are the responsibility of the Province of BC. The Regional District does not process property tax payments. You may wish to contact your local Government Agents Office in Chilliwack. For further information on the local Government Agents Office please contact (604) 795-8415.

  6. I did not receive a rural property tax notice. What should I do?

    Please contact the Surveyor of Taxes at 1-250-387-0555 or your local Government Agents Office at (604) 795-8415. It is the property owners' responsibility to ensure that we have your correct mailing address.

  7. Why do I pay taxes for services I do not use?

    When local services are established and are to be funded through property taxation, the boundaries of the service area are determined by the availability of the service to a property. For example, if a fire protection service is created and your property is within an area where a timely response to an emergency is likely, you are required to support that service.