Grant-in-Aid Programs

The Fraser Valley Regional District's Grant-in-Aid programs support cultural, environmental, charitable, and recreational service activities as well as special events that benefit the community.

Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid

Grant funding is available each year to non-profit community groups or individuals who provide a service or benefit to their Electoral Area community.

Criteria and eligibility requirements are outlined in the Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid Policy & Application Form. Submit your completed application form to or to your Electoral Area Director. Applications for the Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid program may be made at any time. 

Regional Grant-in-Aid

Registered non-profit organizations or community groups based in the FVRD can apply for funding to support projects that provide a region-wide benefit.

The annual application intake deadline is August 31. The FVRD Board determines the amount awarded each year and a maximum total annual budget of $50,000 has been approved for allocation. Criteria and eligibility requirements are outlined in the Regional Grant-in-Aid Policy & Application Form. Submit your completed application form to by August 31.

Annual Regional Grant-in-Aid Process
Date FVRD Responsibility Applicant Responsibility
May 1 – August 31 The application period is open for Regional Grant-in-Aid Review the Regional Grant-In-Aid Policy and application form.

Note: When preparing your budget please note that grant money will be awarded in March of the following year.
August 31  Deadline for applications Ensure your application form is complete.

September - March

Applications are reviewed by the FVRD Finance Department

FVRD will inform applicants that their applications have been received.

Applicants must wait for the FVRD Board to review their applications and approve the budget in March.


The FVRD Board reviews applications during the annual budget process and approves the amount of money that will be provided to applicants.

Once the Board approves the budget, applicants will be contacted and cheques will be sent out by April.