Kinder Morgan - Trans Mountain Pipeline

Local governments (municipalities and regional districts) have no authority over the planning, construction and operation of pipelines. Kinder Morgan has been operating a west coast pipeline for over 60 years, and this line runs through the Fraser Valley. The company is now looking at twinning the existing pipeline.

Public enquiries about this project can be made to Kinder Morgan at 1-800-574-6700or by email.

The National Energy Board

A Facilities Application was filed on December 16, 2013, entering Kinder Morgan into the National Energy Board's (NEB) formal regulatory process. The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion application and information about the Public Hearing process can be can be found on the National Energy Board website.

On April 2, 2014 the Fraser Valley Regional District was informed that it had been granted Intervenor status by the National Energy Board.

Intervenor status is one of only two methods where interested parties can participate in the National Energy Board's Public Hearing process. In the case of local governments, it is an opportunity to ensure that municipal and regional interests are addressed during the pipeline application process.

As an Intervenor, participants can present evidence, question others on their written evidence, cross examine other witnesses and give final argument. Intervenors can support a proposal, oppose a proposal or have no stated opinion.

The other method of participating is through a Letter of Comment, which does not have the same weight as evidence provided from an Intervenor. In both cases, the NEB decides who will participate and in what capacity. Of the 2,118 applications to the NEB to participate in the Public Hearing, only 400 were granted Intervenor status.