Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement is a function of the FVRD Planning & Development Department, and is responsible for processing, investigating and resolving contraventions of the FVRD’s Bylaws.

The FVRD encourages residents, where appropriate, to make attempts to resolve issues amicably through discussion when bylaw-related concerns arise. When a resolution is not possible, or circumstances do not allow for a solution, a written complaint may be forwarded to Bylaw Enforcement Services for further investigation. Our bylaw enforcement office is available to answer your questions and respond to reports about bylaw violations in the FVRD. Whether it's related to lot maintenance, noise and nuisances, property standards, or zoning bylaw regulations, we're here to help. Please call (604) 702-5016 or email us. 

Enforcement Policy

It is the FVRD’s policy that complaints be received in writing by either submitting a Complaint Form [PDF - 119 KB], an email or written letter. The name and phone number of the complainant must be provided to validate the complaint. Provide a full description of the offence including the civic address or legal description as well as the duration of the offence if known.

Your identity will not be revealed as it is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act. However, should the matter proceed to court and if required by direction of law, the FVRD may be required to disclose the information provided.