1. Why do we need a bylaw?

    A regional waste audit conducted in 2015 showed that almost 70% of garbage sent to landfills could have been composted or recycled. The FVRD Board approved this Bylaw to ensure waste is diverted from landfills and put to better use.

  2. What municipalities and Electoral Areas fall under this regional bylaw?

    • Abbotsford
    • Kent
    • Chilliwack
    • Harrison Hot Springs
    • Hope
    • Mission
    • All FVRD Electoral Areas A - H
  3. Who is affected by the bylaw?

    • Residents of single family homes
    • Residents of multi-family complexes (apartment buildings, condos, senior homes, etc.)
    • Owners or managers of commercial businesses (restaurants, retail stores, etc.)
    • Owners or managers of industrial buildings (manufacturing, processing buildings, etc.)
    • Owners or managers of institutional buildings (offices, schools, libraries, etc.)
    • Owners or managers of entertainment venues (sports arenas, movie theatres, community halls, etc.)
  4. What does this bylaw mean for you?

    All recyclable and compostable material must be sorted out of the garbage before the garbage leaves your property.

  5. Is any waste excluded from the bylaw?

    Yes, the following types of waste are excluded as they are exempt from the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan and are managed through provincial regulations:

    • Demolition, land clearing, and construction waste
    • Biomedical and liquid waste
    • Hazardous waste
    • Agricultural waste
    • Waste originating from First Nations Reserve land
  6. When does the bylaw come into effect?

    The bylaw comes into effect April, 2020. As it takes time to establish a new sorting system, train everyone, and troubleshoot issues, it is wise to start early to ensure you have a good sorting system in place by the time enforcement begins. 

  7. Where can I find information about sorting my waste?

    Visit www.bewastewise.com for guides, brochures and tips on sorting your waste, or call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline at 1-800-667-4321. You can also call your waste hauler for help on how to get started.