Planning & Development

Planning regulations can be complex. Regional governments must meet the need for growth while still preserving land to provide a high quality of life and a sustainable future. Balance is achieved through the use of permits, zoning regulations and Official Community Plan guidelines. 

Our planning team is here to help guide you through the development process. For simple enquiries, you may be able to answer your questions by using the following online tools:

Watch our short how-to video to quickly and easily find the information you need.

  • Conduct a title search to find out if there are any charges registered that could restrict the use and development of your property.
  • Contact our Building Department for information on how the Building Code could apply to your situation.
  • Visit our Application Information page for forms and guidance on approval processes.
  • Visit our Current Developments page for information on developments in your community.
  • Visit our Water Services page to check if your property is within a water system service area. 

More information about our development and planning processes can be found on the following pages.