Electoral Areas E & H OCP Amendment

The Fraser Valley Regional District Board is considering a minor amendment to the Official Community Plan for Electoral Areas E and H to implement two engineering updates to the Chilliwack River Erosion Setback Line.

Virtual Public Hearing

A virtual Public Hearing has been scheduled to hear Bylaw #1599. If you wish to speak at the Public Hearing, we recommend that you pre-register. Please contact the Planning Department at 604-702-5000 to register. For detailed instructions on how to participate via Zoom, visit our Public Hearing page.


Participate by computer, smartphone or tablet:
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Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89854013818

Participate by phone:
Call 1-778-907-2071 
Meeting ID: 8985 5401 3818

Background Info

The erosion setback line:

  • was originally established in 1993
  • identifies the areas that could be eroded during a single Chilliwack River flood event
  • is relied on to ensure that new construction is protected from erosion hazards
  • is implemented in the Official Community Plan for Electoral Areas E & H in Chilliwack River Development Permit Area 2-E

Two recent reports commissioned by the FVRD assessed the existing Erosion Setback Line in two areas of the Chilliwack River: Wilson Road to Baker Trail and Slesse Park.  These engineering updates revise the erosion setback line to reflect new technology and methods for estimating river hazards, as well as the presence of the Wilson Road Dike.

The proposed bylaw amendments include:

  • referencing both reports and providing a summary of the reports in Section 10.2 Floodplains and the Chilliwack River Development Permit Area 2-E Justifications
  • updating the Development Permit Area 2-E guidelines to include new recommendations pertaining to siting of development within a 15 metre proximity to the Erosion Setback Line
  • updating legislative references to reflect changes to BC statues
  • amending the Erosion Setback Line Locations to reflect findings of the reports on Map 2 – Geologic and Stream Hazards.

Reports and Documents

The FVRD Board is not considering broader changes to the Official Community Plan at this time.