Cultus Lake Sewer Upgrade

March 25, 2019 - Work is well underway for the new Cultus Lake Sewer System. We wanted to share some updates on the project:

  • Grant Funding - The FVRD is still awaiting the announcement of grant funding from the provincial government. The Ministry expects to share these details in late spring. A community meeting will be scheduled once we receive the funding decision.   
  • Timeline - The project has been slowed somewhat due to weather and unexpected provincial requirements through the winter months. It is anticipated the new sewer plant will be up and running by September/October.
  • Billing - Taxation for this project is based on money that was borrowed to begin construction. This will show up on your July tax notice. Once the grant funding decision is announced, the tax impact will be better known and this will also be discussed at the community meeting. User fees are billed separately on an annual basis and these invoices will be sent out at the end of 2019.