Benefits & Training

We offer our employees an extended health plan with medical, dental, and vision care as well as a pension plan.  We believe in lifelong learning and are committed to providing and supporting training opportunities for our staff.

Learn more about the benefits we offer below. 

Employee Family Assistance Program

This valuable program provided by HumanaCare offers employees and their families access to a full suite of counselling, health and lifestyle management services at no cost. Services are confidential and private.

Comprehensive Benefits Plan

Our full-time permanent employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits plan, provided by GroupHEALTH, offering coverage in extended health, dental and vision, as well as life insurance, disability and accident coverage. Our part-time and temporary employees will receive compensation instead of benefits.

Municipal Pension Plan

We are proud to participate in BC's Municipal Pension Plan one of the largest pension plans in Canada, providing secure retirement income to plan members. 


Union staff members are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). CUPE advocates for workers and helps their members provide the highest level of service by ensuring they are safe and healthy at work, and that they get fair pay and benefits for the services they provide.

Training & Development

We value and support employees with their career development and life-long learning goals by offering and supporting training and development opportunities for our staff.