Contacts Directory

Our main offices are located at 45950 Cheam Avenue in Chilliwack, BC. Call us at 604-702-5000 or toll free 1-800-528-0061

Name Title Phone Contact
Jennifer Kinneman Chief Administrative Officer 604-702-5056 Contact
Kristen Kohuch Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer and Board of Directors 604-702-5080 Contact
Corporate Administration
Jaime Reilly Corporate Officer/Manager of Corporate Administration 604-702-5023 Contact
Corporate Affairs
Vacant Director of Corporate Affairs n/a Contact
Corporate Initiatives
Suzanne Gresham Director of Corporate Initiatives 604-702-5032 Contact
Emergency Services
Reg Dyck Manager of Electoral Area Emergency Services 604-702-5028 Contact
Cheryl Vanderaegen Executive Assistant 604-702-5060 Contact
Tarina Colledge Emergency Management Specialist 604-702-5072 Contact
Engineering & Community Services
Tareq Islam Director of Engineering & Community Services 604-702-5026 Contact
Sterling Chan Manager of Engineering & Infrastructure 604-702-5039 Contact
Dave Roblin Manager of Operations 604-702-5027 Contact
Environmental Services
Trina Douglas Manager of Contracted Services 604-702-5003 Contact
Lance Lilley Manager of Environmental Services 604-702-5006 Contact
Kelly Lownsbrough Director of Finance 604-702-5002 Contact
Kristy Hodson Manager of Financial Operations 604-702-5037 Contact
Human Resources
Raf Jamil Manager of Human Resources & Safety Services 604-702-5031 Contact
Tina Mooney Human Resources Advisor 604-702-5079 Contact
Debbie Mandi Human Resources Generalist 604-702-5070 Contact
Information Technology
Yader Wong Manager of Information Technology 604-702-5061 Contact
Planning & Development
General Enquiries - Building Building 604-702-5016 Contact
General Enquiries - Bylaw Enforcement Bylaw Enforcement 604-702-5016 Contact
General Enquiries - Planning Planning 604-702-5000 Contact
Graham Daneluz Director of Planning & Development 604-702-5046 Contact
Recreation, Culture & Airpark Services
General Enquiries General Enquiries 604-869-2304 Contact
Christina Vugteveen Manager of Parks and Recreation 604-702-5077 Contact
Mike Freimark Assistant Manager of Recreation Services 604-869-2304 Contact
Regional Parks
David Urban Manager of Outdoor Recreation Planning 604-702-5051 Contact
Christina Vugteveen Manager of Parks and Recreation 604-702-5077 Contact
Regional Services
Stacey Barker Director of Regional Services 604-702-5096 Contact
Strategic Planning
Alison Stewart Manager of Strategic Planning 604-702-5054 Contact