April 16 EASC Meeting - Participate Remotely

April 14, 2020

Due to COVID-19 and the provincial State of Emergency, our Chilliwack office remains closed to the public. In an effort to prohibit gatherings under the Public Health Order, a Ministerial Order was issued that Regional Districts are not required to allow the public to attend open meetings at this time. Instead we will be conducting the April 16 EASC meeting online.

If you have a question about any item on the EASC Agenda you may submit it in writing to info@fvrd.ca by 1:00 pm on April 16. Alternatively, you can watch the webcast meeting online and call our reception line at 604-702-5000 when the time for callers is announced. Your call will be then be transferred to the Boardroom for inclusion in the meeting.

Please note EASC will only be receiving questions that relate to Agenda items.