Public Participation for Nov 12 Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel

October 30, 2020

The FVRD is holding a Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel Hearing on November 12 to ensure the accuracy of the properties listed on the Parcel Tax Rolls. This panel is made up of Board Directors appointed to hear any complaints specified in the Community Charter. Please see our FAQ's for more information.

The FVRD Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel for November 12 will be conducted in-person and through Zoom.

Meeting agendas and webcasts can be found at

If you wish to participate, you may do so through Zoom or in-person. Please note that for complaints to be heard by the panel, written notice must be received no later than 10 am on Tuesday, November 10.

Participate Via Zoom

Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

  1. Click the zoom link below for the meeting you wish to join
  2. If you wish to speak during the public question period click on the “Raise Hand” feature in the controls. This will notify staff that you have raised your hand.
  3. Staff will unmute your microphone when it is your turn to ask your question.
  4. A prompt will appear to confirm you would like to be unmuted. Once you accept the prompt, you will have the opportunity to ask your question.
  5. Once your question has ended, you will be muted again.

Zoom Link:


  1. Dial 1-778-907-2017.
  2. When prompted enter the meeting ID below for the meeting you wish to join.
  3. If you wish to speak during the public question period press *9. This will notify staff that you have raised your hand.
  4. When it is your turn to speak you will be prompted to unmute your microphone.
  5. Press *6 to unmute yourself.
  6. Once you are done speaking, press *6 to mute yourself again.

Meeting ID: 858 8160 7551

Participate In-Person

  1. Visit the FVRD office at 45950 Cheam Avenue Chilliwack where you will be screened by our greeter in accordance with our COVID-19 protocols.
  2. You will be directed to the 4th floor where a staff member will direct you to the Boardroom. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. If you wish to ask a question during the public question period, please raise your hand.
  4. The Chair will call on you when it’s your turn to speak.